Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quick Post

because it's almost time to head out the door again.

I had sooooooooo much fun yesterday. All the people I've met are ever so friendly and fun. I got to help unload a couple of trucks. Just to carry fiber and wheels is pretty fun *G*.

There is so much fiber there. Who knew there were so many people in my state involved in this. I even got a small amount of raw wool from a ram named Todd (I even have his picture. How cool is that?). And will get (so I'm told) some free stuff today. I bought some gorgeous roving (?) that I won't dare spin until I get much better but the color sucked me in. Saw some more later that I thought I needed but I've talked myself out of that. I do know who was selling it so maybe someday.

Dyeing with Jacquard dye is FUN..and superwash really sucks up the dye! The girl that taught it was crazy and fun and messy so I fit right in.

A good variety of ages and people from Texas and Arkansas too.

The beginning drop spindle was fun especially because I made friends with the instructors young daughter (well probably pre-teen) who is a great spinner and a good teacher. Hah she liked my shoes (PF Flyers) and maybe thought anyone of a "certain age" that wore PF Flyers needed attention. I didn't take my spindle as I was told we would be provided with ones to use (and keep). I do better on's heavier and spins faster than I could get this one to do.

I really wish I had signed up for beginning spinning on a wheel. but maybe I can con someone into letting me try for just a little while. Although, the quiet clicking that one of them made almost hypnotized me. Or maybe I was just tired.

Ohhhh and the potluck dinner was excellent. Some really good good stuff there and I do love to eat!

Got home about 9:30, threw my jeans in the washer and went to bed...and dreamed about yarn.
Woke up almost as tired as I was when I went to bed but I'm blaming that on a wet weather front that is moving in (for tonight and tomorrow and Monday) which always makes me creaky. I'm thinking though that fun will outweigh any discomfort.

OK..gotta go. Have a good Saturday y'all!


Anonymous said...

I gained 3 pounds this weekend from all that food! haha

Susan said...

Elabeth...there was a great deal of very good food. Including brownie bites, huh *G*

Anonymous said...

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