Monday, October 09, 2006

Got Gauge?

Not me :-( Yesterday was going to be all about sock knitting. I have the cuff on one done and 1/2 of the cuff of it's mate; and planned on finishing that and maybe getting one heel done.

Then, I remembered that I needed to get busy on the afghan blocks (I promised 2) for Laurie's grandma. My calendar says I am going to mail then on Friday. Quick knit, no problem, right?
Umm. I knocked one out quickly using my face cloth pattern. Then on to more interesting things. Out comes the stitch book and I chose a really simple one called Double Moss, K2P2 one row, P2, K2 next row. Check the yarn label. 5 stitches/inch with #7 needles. I need an 8" sqaure. Therefore, cast on 40. Right? Not in this house. Initially it was right on. But I guess I was knitting too loose because after 2 inches this thing was huge. Size down in needles. Now too small.

I really want to knit socks so try again but this time I did the K2, P2 on one side and just K on the other. It will go faster and I can get to the socks. Yep. It did go faster. It also went smaller. It would block out, but since it's superwash and will be probably going in a dryer I don't think blocking is the answer. Try again and again. I still don't have gauge LOL

At least I think I know what I will be doing this evening.

A friend of mine is in serious medical trouble so much of the knitting was updated with phone calls. It's been decided that all of us showing up at the hospital is quite wearing so we take turns. And we've come up with quite a good calling circle thing. Things had quieted down by late afternoon. Not really better, but not getting in more trouble. Then the phone rang last night. I heard someone say "How are you?" below static. Lots of static. They called back. More static and I couldn't hear anyone. There are areas around here where cell phone reception sucks so then I had to start calling to see if someone was calling me. Nope. But of course, we had to chat awhile. :-) That meant I didn't get to see my Steelers lose LOL. There's always a good side, I suppose. I keep saying that anyway.

And now it's off to Monday. I just know it's going to be a slow week since I'm looking to a fiber-y Friday and Saturday. So...maybe I will finally get gauge. Ya think?


~France said...

Yeah! I think! HA! I know you're gonna get it in time!

Hope your friend gets out of trouble soon, and also hope there's no suffering involved.

Take care (((((my friend))))) ... hope the pkg I have for you gets outta here by the weekend! :o)

Anonymous said...

Socks are addictive but somewhat tricky--I'm still figuring out how to get the best fit for my foot! It all depends on the yarn, the needles, and the pattern (rib, stockinette...) I can't seem to get anything tight enough to not be baggy unless I cast on 56! It's a journey--be patient and enjoy! You'll get it...

Laura said...

Makes you miss the gaugelessness of scarves, huh? ;)

Procrastiknitter said...

I HATE GAUGE! There I said it!

Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope that things improve!

Susan said...

Paris, I hope you're right. I'm still trying *G* Keeps me out of the streets I guess. LOL

Susan said...

Vicki, so far I've been lucky with socks. But I haven't tried a lot of different yarns and I keep doing the same pattern over and over. One day I'll get brave and branch least I hope so

Susan said...

Oh Laura..that's for sure. I can just imagine what a disaster I could make out of a sweater pattern :-)

Susan said...

Procast...I think we can agree on this! And changing needles..not just sizes but different needle material makes a difference. Sheesh.

Thanks for the good wishes. We all have our fingers crossed.