Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Sky

Note: I started trying to get this to post about
9:30 AM but it was repeatedly refused. If you see it
then you'll know they finally like me.

It's mostly blue, but I did manage to find a few skiddy sort of clouds. I'm not sure that skiddy is a word, but in my vocabulary it means what your feet do when they are trying to get a grip on something slippery. Those clouds have disappeared in between the time I took it and the time I got back from the grocery. And every thing is all blue.

All of the *have-to-do* things are done. There is food, and clean clothes (well the towels are still in the dryer) and I am going to try to do nothing that either Needs to be done, or I think I need to do. That can happen tomorrow. Sometimes I have trouble just letting go and doing something..or nothing.. just because I want to. That's the plan for today.

Tomorrow can be back to the list.

I hope you have lots of playtime today


Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me.

Lovely sky.

Anonymous said...

Those clouds look like a blanket. How awesome!