Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Baby, it's cold outside! and the north wind is blowing and the sleet or freezing rain is falling. Sounds like sleet but I can't really see it yet. It just started here, but I understand that it's been going on sometime at Laura's house. Allegedly this will go on all night followed by snow. I'm hoping that the snow gets here sooner because it doesn't take out the power lines. It's rather exciting though (well it is if you don't have a very exciting life) and I'm tired from running from the front door to the back. As if it would be doing something in the back yard and not the front. The weather man said that the cold front that preceded this would arrive after lunch today. I got up at my usual 5ish and it was 64 degrees. When the dog made her 2nd trip outside at 6 it was 42. I'm thinking they were a bit off on their predictions.

The cats have been a bit wonky tonight. Hershey decided that I needed my hair groomed. Mercy decided that it would be really nice to crawl into the plastic bag that held my yarn and wrap her self around the skein and growl at me. And Mary was awake! She's a member of the geriatric cat group and like Cookie's kitty, she likes to sleep. Zoey the wonder dog just passed gas all evening. And I didn't even give her any turkey. It was an interesting if somewhat malodorous evening.

In spite of that, I am way into the decreases on The Girl's hat...and I may just finish it up in the morning and wear it! I've finished my other Irish Hiking fingerless mitt but I'm thinking I'll have to wear them under my gloves.

The snow brush and the de-icer are sitting by the door, and if you are wondering why I am just babbling along..well, it's because I'm waiting for the last load of laundry to get dry. Having been through a power outage that lasted for days, I really want to have all the underwear and jammies clean. Or maybe it's because my back is telling me that the second front is getting closer and I want to go catch snowflakes on my tongue. I could watch tv but it's difficult to see David or Jay when there's an orange map of Oklahoma comvering the top right quarter of the screen. It's not like there is anything on the's just there to let us know that we are in a winter storm warning.

OK enough of this. I shall go browse through Martha Stewart's Holiday Handmade Gifts and see what all is in there that I don't have supplies/time to make. Good night all.


Anonymous said...

We're cold here too--I love it though! so holiday-like!

Anonymous said...

Check out the bit in that mag about knitters. The first line was a bit wonky to me. *L*

It's damn cold here. I hope you and the kitties keep warm! ;)

Laura said...

Hi there!

Oh my gosh is it cold here! 18 degrees and Fry is out there rolling around. She has to come in every so often to thaw. :)

Susan said...

Damn...I responded to those 3 posts and fortunately got them emailed before I made it disappear. I don't know how I did it. I must be magic.