Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just a little story..

No knitting content. I spent the evening chopping up stuff for the cranberry salad. Well not the entire evening. Much time was spent cleaning up my mess. I am a messy 'cook'.

Yesterday Zoey went for her occasional professional haircut. I enjoy doing her, and enjoy the fact that I'm not spending the $$ but she was just looking pretty raggy and needed a real 'do'. So when we walk into the groomer's, a little cat met us. Gray, half-grown kitten actually. Zoey lives with cats who basically ignore her so she just took notice and then went on to be her usual pet slut self. And the groomer really makes over her so she was happy. The groomer told me that this little cat really thinks she is a dog. Doesn't want anything to do with other cats, but loves dogs.

"Well, what happens if a dog comes in that hates cats?"

"She gets the hell out of the way...she's not stupid"

So, we're visiting and she puts Zoey in her huge cage thingy. As I get ready to leave, I notice that the cat is in there too, rubbing up against Zo's legs. Zoey moved and stepped on her tail and just stood there in spite of cat wails. But the cat made no effort to scratch her and Zo moved. How the heck did she get in there? Well, it seems there are small holes in the screening, that are just big enough for the kitten, with little pieces of wood that can be moved so that a small dog couldn't get out.

"She's been a real help", says the groomer. Dogs that have to stay all day get really bored, so she (kitten) goes visiting and helps them pass the time...or take a nap with them. When I went back after work to pick up Zo, she was playing around in the waiting room with the cat. The groomer said that she was the last one there and it's no fun sitting in a cage so she just let her out to play.

They were having quite a good time, although Zo was a bit dismayed when she came home and 'her' cats were less than excited to see her. She asked if she could go every could be her daycare center. LOL

I had the groomer basically give her a buzz cut as her hair grows really fast so right now she looks a bit odd, but I love feeling her hair afterwards. Just as soft as velvet.

And fortunately that's the most exciting thing I have to report. We are having really high winds and rain here today...more wind than rain with sustained winds around 50 mph and already there are people who have lost power due to downed lines. I'm happy to report that nothing like that has happened here obviously. :::crossing fingers::::


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a slow news day. Or a trip to the salon. ;^)

Laura said...

It's nice living somewhere less windy. :) We'll have high wind days of 30-40 MPH, which makes us a bit homesick for the high plains. Just a bit.

Ann said...

I'm with Cookie...I like reading about people's normal lives...I would be depressed as hell if everyone were out doing wonderful things all the time.


~France said...

Hope your *chopper* is still in good working order! heh

Sounds like Zoey had a great day, and lots of fun!

KnittyOtter said...

That kitty sounds too adorable! :D

We used to have cats like that when I was a kid. They'd want to sleep on the dog and hang out with her all day. Meanwhile the dog was nice about it all, but always look confused. *L*