Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Baking Part 1

Those Susie Homemaker genes...(or is it Mrs. Santa?) genes kicked in this morning so I've started baking for Christmas. Although not for humans, it does count as I love giving these to my canine friends every year. And since the list keeps growing, I really need to get an early start. I love making them, and although I haven't tasted the dough, The Girl always manages to eat quite a bit of it. Once they are baked though, they're a bit hard for her to chew *L*

So tying on my yellow flower-dy apron (I guess I need to get a more festive one) , out came the flour and the molasses and the spices and the big crock bowl and the wooden spoons. The kitchen smells wonderful and the first batch of medium size are in the oven. I like making that size best. The wee little ones seem to take forever, between cutting them out and then flipping each of them over after part of their baking time.

I did knit last night on one of the Christmas scarves and have 2/3 of it done and hope it gets finished today. I'm sorta tired of it although since part of the yarn is multicolored it's not totally boring. And maybe after a birthday dinner for a friend, I can get started on my other mitt.


Sara said...

Doggie long do they last? I've never tried making anything like that...been tempted a few times and have a few recipes.

~France said...

OOO ... doggie friends are gonna love'em! And your FAVE dog will get some too, no doubt!

You plannin' on GingerSnaps this season? Did I ever send you that great recipe?

Susan said...

Sara they don't last long because they get eaten up! *L* No really, I once found a bag with some broken ones that had gotten pushed to the back of the cupboard. Found them in June and they were fine. They dry hard so I guess that there is not much that can happen to them. I just wish I could find recipes for kitty treats that didnt' have to be refrigerated.

Laura said...

Catching up...

Backhoes ARE neat. Or maybe I have a low level of enjoyment. Some of those guys can really make the machine dance. Way cool.

My former car, Lemon, frequently made a liar out of me. Mechanical things often do that, though.

Hm. Doggie cookies. Do they smell like beef? It'd be nice to smell if they were like meatloaf.