Friday, November 24, 2006

Okie Notes

Back on Sept 3, I posted about visiting the Express Clydesdale Ranch. Yesterday in NYC, the Oklahoma float called "Oklahoma Rising" was pulled by these same Clydesdales. I was inordinately proud. I know them! :::laughing at myself:::::

It's a big year for Oklahoma. Our 100th anniversary of being a state. Isn't that weird. To think that in such a world we are such a young state. There are lots of people here who are older than the state. I saw an interview with one very well groomed and attractive lady who said something to the effect of ...Well, yes I am older by just a bit. There's not a lot of ME left. I have false teeth, new knees and a new hip. But, I'm ready to go and can do most anything I want. ... I loved that!

I don't have the day off, but my brain must think it's Saturday because I haven't even begun the morning routine yet. Time to get off my butt! Byeeeeee.

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Devorah said...

Just knowing that Oklahoma is 100 makes me want to visit. Really! That is a really cool thing. Yes, it does not take much to impress me.

You saw more of the parade then we did ... after seeing Snoopy on t.v. we decided to venture out to try to catch the balloons after they left the parade route. We caught sight of Big Bird and some of the marchers and then decided that being warm and dry was much more exciting.