Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Sky, Saturday Street

The sun is shining on a bit of repairs in front of my house. Fortunately my water isn't affected. Apparently there is something wrong with the line that goes to the house across the street. The guy that drives this backhoe is quite the artist. ermmm can you be a back hoe artist? artiste? At any rate, he can surely manipulate this beast. I knew that there were 'feet' that they could extend in order to give them sure footing if they were on unlevel ground. What I didn't know was that they could, with the feet down, lift the back hoe up...turn the wheels and put it back down in a different position without moving around on the street. Well..I found it fascinating. And he must be good since that digger part seemed to be awfully close to the other guys' heads but they never flinched. My driveway is blocked but that's ok too since the car won't start. I'm thinking battery and I'm hoping that's right since that would be pretty easy to deal with.

My friend Mac took me to the grocery last night so there is milk and oatmeal and cat litter and dryer sheets and oh yeah, little smokies too. *L* So all is well, and maybe I'll get a lot done since running around town isn't an option so far. Maybe I can even cut back the frozen flowers. or..maybe not.

How are things in your world???


Ann said...

Dryer sheets? I AM SO JEALOUS!?!?!?


A busy I taught my "I want a web site" class..just two students. I had them totally fooled..they thought I knew what I was doing.

Susan said...

Ann, you are just too funny!

Oh wow...I bet those two students had a blast and a learned tons! Nothing like personal attention from the instructor!