Thursday, November 02, 2006

Word of the Day

I love words...especially if I can understand where they come from. So I subscribe to Merriam Websters Word of the Day and every day I get a new word. This one seems especially timely.

The Word of the Day for November 02 is:

perseverate \per-SEV-uh-rayt\ verb

*1 : to repeat or recur persistently
2 : to go back over previously covered ground

Example sentence:
To ensure the accuracy of his or her data, the scientist necessarily perseverates, repeating each experiment many times and comparing the results.

One knitting rule that I seem to follow closely is to only notice a mistake after I'm way past it. Sometimes, like a dropped stitch, I can fix. Others, I don't even know what happened.

So it is with Farrow Row scarf. I was admiring how far I'd come and planned on a Criminal Minds/CSI NY farrow marathon. However, when I spread it all out, there it was...back about 1o rows. Looked like maybe I had somehow snagged the yarn so there was this little pouffy thing just sticking out. I tried stretching, hoping that it would str8n itself out. Nope. I tried ignoring it. Nope. it went. And then back in it's bag and instead I ironed. Well at least there's some ironing done. Bah!


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate ripping things back??? I get so discouraged but then have to bolster myself to go right back to it so that i don't give up all together. I try to remind myself that the process is just as important as the finished product....

Susan said...

I hear you, Vicki! Normally, I take it in stride but this time it really sucked since I want this scarf to be DONE..NOW. Thankfully, since it's done with bulky yarn it's not too fiddly to get picked up, but still...

Ann said...

Hell..I say just go with the flow...a little nub here and there makes it truly unique.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love to iron, I know weird. Oh I feel for you ripping that all out. Try again though don't give up.