Saturday, November 11, 2006

Comments and Random Babble

I love, love, love comments and look forward to each of them. But this week got a little weird and I didn't get this last group answered promptly. I do apologize.

So, I'm borrowing this idea from Ragan. I don't have her eMail addy so I have no idea if she knows I talk back to her. Thanks for the idea!

Cookie, Dave and Cat...the awws have it! When Hershey was a kitten he was very blonde and his little foot pads looked like tiny drops of melted milk chocolate. Hence the name. He's the loviest of all my babies and only asks that he be allowed to at least touch me, if lap sitting isn't an option. The paw you can't see is just touching my pj clad leg. And normally the yarn stays in it's plastic bag, but I was changing colors and needed it to be up out of the way. He was only too happy to keep it safe.

Paris, I'm so glad to finally have a digital camera so I can take eleventy seven cat pics and not have to pay to have them developed only to discover they are all out of focus LOL

Laura, my guys have identified the sound that the ziplocks with 'real' zippers make and it must tell them that I'm gonna be sitting down for awhile with yarn because they come running. Zoey, the dog, however identifies that sound with me getting ready to give her her meds which are wrapped in hamburger balls. So for a few moments her head is in my lap looking for something to eat LOL

Dear Oyoyo...err Ann. Do you think that was a hidden message????? And I'll accept any and all help I get cause I truly need it *G*

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday after work for a knitting aid. I've disovered that prolonged seed stitch knitting makes my wrist hurt. And since the current scarf has much seed stitch that could have become a real problem. So I went to purchase some of those stretchy glove thingies that are supposed to help with that sort of thing. They only had medium size and since medium size rubber gloves fit me I thought I was in. So I came home, ate a quick bowl of oatmeal and put one on. Tight but I guess that's how they area supposed to be. Instead of immediately starting to knit, I had some magazines that needed looking at so I wore it as I read. Hmmm, my fingers are itching. OMG they are red, and swelling a bit. It seems I need a size Large. So instead of being clever and taking it off and putting it in the envelope for return, I snipped it with scissors. Feels a lot better now. And yeah, on the back of their packaging there is a size chart. Did I check that out first? Nope, of course not. I didn't even turn it over to realize there was one. Duh Anyone need one size medium Thergonomic Hand-Aid? Cause my left hand doesn't need one.

Will post later about the magazines! It's pretty exciting but I have a cat that is having an upset tummy so I need to do some clean up. See ya!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Like you, I love comments, too .. and I've been so dang busy, just trying to catch up from being gone, mainting status quo with work, and THEN trying to get my blog done to tell about my adventures.. .I'm SO far behind on replying to comments AND reading everyone elses blogs!

(I think this is the part where I take a breath and remind myself to pace myself - or something like that!)

Ann said...

I have a feeling that eventually all this typing, knitting and quilting is going to catch up with my hands.....

Anonymous said...

OMG I thought maybe I was persona non grata, glad to read you've just been busy. I can't wait to hear about those mags. I haven't forgotten about those copies for you.
I'm also a comment whore, just love 'em, and blogs. Even though since Thursday blogger keeps telling me I've got like over 200 to read??? Every day??? Something is wrong with that.
hehehe my word was idewjr. LOL wonder who Jr. is? Is Johnny Depp a jr??


Susan said...

LOL Sprite. You do have such a busy life and such great adventures. There's a lot to tell, that's for sure. Do you actually have time for a deep breath??

Susan said...

Ann, the ubiquitous 'they' say that you should alternate activities to prevent injury. I know at work that much of what I type can be done with keystrokes but that began to cause a wee bit of discomfort so some of the stuff I just type out normally. Seems to work so far thank goodness since I like to earn money so I can by yarn. Last night I knitted for awhile on the seed stitch stuff then switched to cables. Hahah the only thing that hurt was my bottom lip from chewing on it while I did the cable LOL

Susan said...

Cat, you could never be persona non grata! OMG I could never read 200 blogs. Well I could heh. but I'd probably get way behind. I have some I read every day, and some that I call weekend blogs. Those I just choose from randomly over the weekend. So sometimes I end up only reading one of them, but it takes me an hour since I haven't been there in forever LOL Not to worry about the copies...they will be welcome whenever.