Saturday, November 18, 2006


So, I was commenting on Dave's blog when the door bell rang. It was a friend here to check out my old lady car. Of course, first thing I am to do is try to start it. started right up! WTF??? I've tried to start it numerous times since the other day with zilch results. Battery seems to be charging nicely when it is running. Who knows? We cleaned off the battery terminals and since it's a battery that isn't sealed (I didn't even know they made those anymore), some distilled water was added. And let it run for a while and restarted it. And so it goes. I figure if there is more trouble, I'll be in the City haha. Now that I can run errands, I can't. Because I've dumped out the contents of 2 cedar chests and I can imagine the fun the fur babies could have if I left. And it all needs to be sorted. Maybe later.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that always the way?
And, wait a sec..."sealed battery"? Huh? I don't even want to know. My last car was a 66 Pontiac Tempest.

Susan said...

I'm telling you..if I lived in a place where it was possible to walk to everything (or have it delivered) or take mass trans I wouldn't have a car either. When I lived in the City I went for long periods of time without a vehicle. I personally thought the bus was fun and had figured out how to get most anywhere. the thing I loved most about NYC when I visited there was that no matter where you were, the necessities ie, food, clothing etc were within walking distance. And the mass transit was affordable. Even in my little town, the grocery store is 2.5 miles away. Certainly walkable and I've done it, but hard to get very much more than bread and cat food home in my arms LOL

One of my favorite NYC stories was everyday when we were returning *home* from our adventures, a guy got off at our stop carrying a board...a long board. After a couple three days, I asked him what he was doing. He was building book shelves. And there wasn't a source for the lumber near him...but it was close to where he worked. So...every day he bought another board to bring home. I love it! that more than you wanted to read? LOL

~France said...

Hahaaaaa ... great story! Good thing we figure things out once in awhile, eh?