Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Saw this on the way home from voting. What a treat!

And now some questions for hat knitters. I was looking at a magazine last night that had a number of hat patterns. In many of them it said to cast on and start/do the ribbing with a smaller size needle than you used on the main portion of the hat. Is this a standard thing?

Cookie, I've forgotten what you call that cast-on that starts with crochet.

and finally, will you still love me when I've gone blind from knitting with black yarn? Sheesh! I thought if I worked on it in the dining room where there is more light it would be fine. I think I'm going to have to drag the Ott light in there too. I wonder if I could convince The Girl that what she really wants is a white hat?


Anonymous said...

Tubular Cast On

Short Row toes do, too, but I know that's not what you're looking for. The Tubular gives you a very professional looking finished edge.

Pretty trees.

Could you make the hat in a different color and dye it black? ;^)

Susan said...

oh thank you! I'd thought about just going backwards through your blog but I was too lazy *G*

Now...that's a thought. I think first I shall invite her down to peruse all the colors of Cascade 220 and see what she thinks. :::crossing fingers...maybe she'll chose pink!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie I'll still love you when you are blind, can't walk and turn 66 hehehe. Yes I have done pattern where they suggested using smaller needles for the start of a hat.
I would do what Cookie suggested; take her to look at the Cascade colors.

Love ya!

Susan said...

Awwwww. Thanks. And now after reading that comment, I'm channeling Paul McCartney! Thankfully though, I don't have an ex out to get me *G*

Anonymous said...

Susan... when knitting with black yarn, would night vision goggles help? *girns* Just wondering...

Love the tree picture... it's beautiful!

Susan said...

Geez, maybe they would, Sprite! I just could not believe how much trouble I was having or how bad my eyes burned LOL

Mother Nature thanks you for the compliment. She does good work, eh?