Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy April 22


I got all excited when I found out that you could get free CFL bulbs at Home Depot. Then I realized it was 30 miles away, and I would negate any good stuff by the amount of gas my behomoth vehicle would use. So, for my celebration, I shall stay here and plant my tomato plants and feed the silkworms.

And, Happy 89'er Day to my fellow Okies. It seems so odd to me that this place is so new in the history of cities. Maybe I will wear a sunbonnet and sing.


Sheri said...

Yes, sing Oklahoma! My oldest daughter loved that musical, still does, and made us watch it often.
Great, sunny weekend here, around 80 degrees. I spent the morning sitting on the deck watching the birds and knitting! Sounds like I'm an old women! LOL
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

whoa, the birds were really busy in my yard today. It was nice and warm and sunny but very windy. Fortunately I had plenty to do on the north side so that south wind was just a lovely breeze by the time it found me. I got my tomatoes planted and some caladium bulbs in but I apparently can't count well, and need to find a giant pot for an elephant ear. My knitting had to wait. I was too dirty *G*

Unknown said...

OK, now I'm worried! LOL ... guess I better call you to make sure all is A-OK in OK!!