Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Lovely Way to Spend the Day

What a good day this has been. Usual homekeeping stuff early. There wasn't anything extra that needed doing (well, there is, but I ignored it). Then outside to enjoy the warm sun without a wind that blows you over. A bit of trimming; a bit of weeding; and then...oh joy! I got the water hose out and washed down the front of the house and the porch. I have this non-toxic soap stuff that you can put in a hose-end sprayer so it doesn't hurt the plants and then...I get to play in the water. For, of course, there's no way to do this without spraying yourself too. Love it!

A couple of little and fun errands and then the highlight of the day. I have a dear friend named Sam who used to live in Arkansas. She's since moved to AZ and I haven't seen her in a year. She was on her way back from tending to some business in AR and stopped for a rather short, but way fun visit. Her friend had come with her to share in the adventure and she was a lot of fun too! Talk, talk, talk! We do it well and with 3 of us, the air was filled with laughter and words. Zoey was delighted to have some other humans to adore her LOL. And even the old cat Mary came out for some petting. That's highly unusual. She usually stays hidden if company comes unless she knows them really well. So that put the stamp of approval on the both of them.

A couple of pics. One is of the new blue berries on the cedar that's by the front steps. Not a good choice in dry years cause if cedar catches fire it really burns hot and fast. But it's a wet year, so far, so I shall just enjoy it. I love the scent although the actual foliage makes my hands itch.

And this is my biggest tree. It was a gift from nature, an elm that just happened to sprout in a little pot of dirt. And it grew, and grew, and grew. I kept repotting it and finally a friend dug a giant hole (thanks Marc) and we planted it. And now look. Another totally wrong planting since the neighbors electric lines goes right by it. So I just cross my fingers. I do wish nature had gifted me with a bright colored maple or something, but I say thank you very much Mother. It's my very own big tree. And it makes those hot Oklahoma summers ever so much nicer when it's shade softens the soul sapping heat.

There was some knitting done and frogged. Not to worry, it was a swatch, not a sock or something. Maybe more about the swatch project tomorrow.

I hope if you had errands they all got done. And what about tomorrow? What does it hold for you?
Hopefully lots of things that make you smile.


Devorah said...

You can't go wrong with a gift of nature. Glad to see you enjoying yourself!


Cookie said...

Sounds like a lovely day. :D

Want some valley oak babies? They're every where this year. o.0

Today is baby sock knitting and hiding from the Fates as I can't take much more. *hugs*

Susan said...

Devorah and you too! Looks like it was a good Saturday for both of us.

Cookie, too bad you are so far away. You could hide out here. The Fates are lookin' at me and would totally ignore you. And there is cat hair so maybe you would feel at home :->

Anonymous said...

Great Tree! I lived in a bubble and had no clue you and Devorah had major medical shite going on! glad to find out after the fact that you're ok. If anything happens again, and theirs opportunity . would someon EMAIL me so I'm not in the dark unti I stay up late catching up blogs? *geshhhh I'm so dorkafied*

Susan said...

LOL Sprite. You need a blog secretary!