Thursday, October 26, 2006

Definitely a Hump Day..err Night

It started out great but turned into one of those backward days. No matter what I was doing, I either had to stop and do something else; the task get the idea.

Even Blood Drive Day was odd. I almost always donate and it's always a pain because no matter if you sign up for an appointment, you end up sitting and waiting...and waiting...and waiting. But I outsmarted them. I took my sock in progress. Cool. I could knit and still earn my hourly wage. Not to be. I got 3 stitches done. In and out in no time. Well, at least I know now what to do!

Finally home. All was calm, all was bright. After my supper oatmeal I decided to defrost the freezer. That went pretty well until I noticed that a cat knocked the hamburger balls that I use for Zoey's meds onto the floor. And there were a bazillion little balls of frozen hamburger rolling all over. They all (hopefully) were either found or eaten and the task was done.

Next on the list was my fabric project which involved cutting out little pieces of curvy cloth. Well, the cloth wasn't curvy but the shapes were. Maybe I should have known better. I really wasn't excited about it, but wanted to move forward on the project. So I cut..and cut...and cut. And then, I guess I just lost it. Because I cut all the little shapes into a bazillion shards and dumped them in the trash! Oh well. Sometimes I forget I'm a grown up. :::sigh:::

A break was in order. So after a short, but soaky bath I started addressing more Halloween cards. Calm, happy until I realized that I was addressing them to ME. Hello? Good thing there were a couple of extras.

That put away, I curled up on the loveseat to knit on the Farrow Rib scarf. And thanks be to whatever goddess watches over knitters I DIDN'T SCREW IT UP!!!! 8 inches later I went to bed.

I'm blaming all of this on Rush Limbaugh. He made me sooo mad about his comments about Michael J. Fox. It's time to give Mel a break.

But's gonna be the best day ever. I know this and wrote it on my board so I would remember it :-)


~France said...

Omy! What a day hon! Big hugz (((((Susan)))))

You're right!! Today will be better!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! What a day.

I hope is going better for you, sweetie.


Susan said...

Paris, one would hope so. Alas.

Cookie, lets just say it's over LOL

Ann said...

Hey..I am a proud member on your Halloween Card List! Thanks for the card and for thinking of me!


Susan said...

Ann, you're very welcome. Snail mail is such fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope all the meatballs were found. I'm also hope that it was your best day ever.