Friday, November 24, 2006

Look, look , look!!!

My package arrived from Devorah today. I'm a prize winner for almost guessing exactly how many miles she and her family would log on their bikes this summer. I must admit that thinking about pedaling that many miles makes me weak.

First...there are squids on the package! How cool is that? And inside, was a box with a picture of an aquarium filter. (great box will be recycled with a christmas present inside)

then...for the goodies inside! Do you see all this? I do hope the 'clickie on the piccie' thing works because you must really see all this goodness. First, the yarn for all the fiber junkies. Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn! No color name on the band so I shall have to make one up. Hmmm...Oh you know what? It would go really well with that scarf I made for my friend. So I should keep it? Oh...I guess not *G* I have never seen this yarn in real life before and what a treat. It's very, very soft and I really like the twist (if that's what it's called) of the strand. I have to go find out what size needles to use. There's 420 yards of wonderfulness.

She had mentioned that there might be other little goodies in the package so I asked her if she could send me a NYC souvenier...a magnet or sticker or something. Way back in the day, I got to spend a week in her city and fell in love. So that little box looking thing is my souvenier. If you are old like me, you might remember those Viewmasters with all the little discs of scenes from other places. Well this is like a tiny Viewmaster with pics of NYC inside. There are 12 pics in there! Must be magic. And I love, love, love the card. NYC and snow! Probably a nightmare for the cabbie, but here it's more magic. I have it on my desk and have already imaged up a little story involving me, and the cab, and some new yarn. heh..a mind is fun thing to play with. The chocolate is to die for. I was good and took the picture before I had a nibble. I really want it to last awhile, but it's going to be sooooo hard.

And Hershey would like to say thank you too because he's had a great time playing with the tissue paper.

Thank you a bazillion, Devorah and daughter (who helped her figure out what to get)! And if I had a mirror that would work, I would take a pic of it around my neck. *G* It's certainly worthy and I'm sure I'll enjoy it more than a diamond pendant.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning, you got some wonderful items! I love the taxi postcard with the Flat Iron Building. (Can you tell I miss New York?)

KnittyOtter said...

Sweet! :D

Isn't that chocolate fantastic? I have a few squares left of mine. It's too yummy to eat all at once. With a nice cup of tea, it is super extra yummy.

Your yarn is really pretty. I love Cherry Tree Hill's twist or whatever it's called too.

Your NYC stuffies are awesome too. I spent a week there several years ago and fell in love. Almost didn't come home. ;^)

Sara said...

Nice goodies that arrived at your house...I got some goodies too from another contest...come on by and see...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful package!

Ann said...

That chocolate is addictive...I think she has pulled us all in with that!

Congratulations and great guessing!

Laura said...

Man! I'm jealous over you winning a contest! I've been mulling over wrapping up my own little gift package and mailing to myself. The joy of having a bad memory is... by the time it gets here, I'll wonder who on Earth is sending me a package.

Thank you so much for the e-card! I loved it and opened a window to reply, then got distracted and ran off.

The nice thing about buying your own diamond pendant is, you get exactly what you want. :)

Susan said...

Dave, I'm thinking you need to plan a New York getaway. Besides seeing old haunts, you could meet really-and-truly Squids *G*

Otter, I'm thinking if you and I call it 'twist', then twist it is! I had a square of the chocolate last night as a gets yummier I think.I've never tasted anything like it. Isn't NYC just the most wonderful place?

Oh Sara, I'll be over in a bit. Nice to be able to go visiting in my jammies *G*

Cookie, it is/was wonderful. And to think math-challenged me actually came up with the right number. What a hoot!

Ann, aha! So it's a plot...and a chocolate one at that! We learn more and more about her.

Laura, you're too funny but you may have hit on just the right idea. The postman brought a package was a gift I'd ordered...and totally forgotten about. Sheesh.