Sunday, July 16, 2006

And there's more..

I got a big box of patterns...none current :-) and most of them size 16 so I thought I could make some for me. But alas, size 16 in these patterns is much smaller than one at the store :-( Wish I knew someone who wanted them. For now, they'll live in another box...and probably be ended up sold at MY estate sale. These I just loved. Maybe I can make a display...or just gaze on them fondly.

And found in the stuff a bunch of booklets and these books. How fun...from 1949 and 1967. I don't remember any man sitting on the floor with a hem marker back then. Of course, I don't think I asked..too busy saying Ommmm and such LOL

Oh and there is still a bunch of literal junk in the trunk. Anyone need a table model hair dryer? How about a warped Candyland game board?

I was really lusting after a bunch of embroidery transfers...old Aunt Martha's and a bunch that were ordered from a newspaper. But the group of old rusty toy trucks that took forever to auction...lots of bidding...and nobody wanted to buy them all so they kept starting over...and the heat that, even with shade trees,was making me sick sent me home.

Total expenditure? $4 and that included a Coke. Fun sorting? priceless.


Anonymous said...

They keep changing the sizes. I'm guessing a size 16 then is like a 10 now.


Susan said...

Cookie, on the back of one of the patterns is a size chart. A size 12 had a 30 in bust, the size 16 a 34". Wonder when they changed the sizing guidelines? I can imagine why.;-)

~France said...

WOW! You made out like a bandit spending less than $4 on all you got! All that and coke too!! LOL

Susan said...

Gotta have a Coke. Actually as hot as it was out there, a gallon of water would have been more appropriate. I was kinda disappointed that I couldn't stay longer cause when we were leaving they were cooking hot dogs and hamburgers :-( So treated myself to Wendy's (inside w/air conditioning *G*) on the way home.