Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Way Too Early..

and I can't think. I woke up hearing Mary meowing in my ear saying "Feed me, I'm about to starve", My head ached (sinus), my nose was running and I had to go to the bathroom. So, I get up, feed the gang, make the coffee and turn on the tv for the news. I listen to the same local station every morning but today there were different people talking. I figured I hadn't changed back to that station last night. Was waiting for my email to load and glanced down at the little time thingy on my tool bar. It was 4:20 ! It's going to be a looooong day, I think.

In musical news, I've found a new love(s). Last night I watched a live Prairie Home Companion on PBS' Great Performances. I usually listen to it on the radio on Saturday evening and this week they had a trio of women that sing incredibly close harmony. OMG they sound like angels. So I was excited to actually get to *see* them. The name of their group is Wailin' Jennys and they're from Canada. Appropriate that I discovered them on Canada Day weekend. I need to find out more about them, that's for sure. Fun too to watch the guy that does all the sound effects.

Now for the "I can't think" part. I think I have figured out that if you have 100 stitches, you can't do a 2x2 rib cause the last and first would be the same. So how many more do you need. 2?I measured the head at 21". I swatched and got 5 st/inch. The Harlot says that it needs to be a bit smaller than the measurement or it won't stay on well. So I rounded to 20". 20 x 5 = 100. And I wanted to do 2x2 ribbing cause that's what I know. Is there one more appropriate? Or what is a ribbing that would work? it's for a hat. Thanks for any ideas.

Now to go feed 5:32. I'm thinking I'll need another snack before I leave for work LOL


Unknown said...

I, too, watched the Prarie Home Companion last night! I think it's so cool to actually see what you've listend to for so many years. There's a wonderful musical called "The 1940's Radio Show" that is pretty much the same idea - you actually watch the radio show as it is being performed, and the actors come into the audience and interact with them. It's such a fun evening.

Ann said...

It's nearly 2 in the afternoon here, that's much too early for a math problem.

Anonymous said...


What if you did 98 stitches? Better to be smaller than larger with a hat.

I hope there's a nap in your future.

Susan said...


Ohhh if that 1940s radio show ever comes my way I am sooo going! It sounds like so much fun.

I grew up listening to the radio back when there was more than music, commercials and right wing talk hosts. Could explain my love of books on tape.

Have you seen the Prairie Home
Companion movie? I've read really wildly divergent reviews.