Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just tryin' to stay cool

whew...I'm tired of the heat. But maybe Maude went looking for a cooler venue. I don't miss her at all! It was 110 when I came home from work.

Had planned on restarting the socks but instead I gave Zoey a bath and haircut. She's hot natured anyway and her extra wool was really making her uncomfortable. I'm certainly not going to change professions...I'd starve quickly but she's happy and that's what counts.

The house is fairly cool but it's sure not at what the thermostat is set at. Oh please, don't let the AC fail. And thank goodness for fans!

C'mon fall! Hurry!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my weather. o.0

Where is winter when we need her?

~France said...

Yep, California too! Triple digits here lately, and thunder storms goin' on in the distance!

Ann said...

I am very glad to hear that Maude has moved know when winter gets here I will be whining about the cold...but heat and just sucks.

Susan said...

Last night I watched part of a rerun of Wheel of Fortune at a friend's house. While they were guessing the words, I was gazing happily at the background. Ski lifts, snow drifts and falling snow. Ahhhhhh

Susan said...

Does this mean that you are finally warm enough? I know how you tell me how cold you are in the fall.

Susan said...


Sometimes it seems to me that the heat has used up all the air. Sorta like a pot boiling dry. I'm ready to whine about something else *G*

~France said...

HA! I B warm alright!! However, like Ann said, with each season [like we have'em in California] there comes another 'something' to complain about! I think the rainy season is the one I dislike the most. [since it doesn't rain in California, it POURs!!!] :o(

~France said...

Oooops ... PS: Most California drivers won't slow down for anything, BTW ... this is why 'rain' is the hardest for me to deal with.