Monday, July 31, 2006


So, I was sitting quietly one evening last week..knitting and sorta kinda watching a Cold Case show. Mostly listening but obviously I wasn't focusing on it. Because, the narrator spoke of something 'new' called STR. Socks That Rock??!?!?!? I almost got whiplash jerking my head up quick so I could focus on the tv. Then I realized that they were talking about some new DNA test or machine..or something.

I guess that means not everything is about knitting...but in my brain, I try to make it be LOL


~France said...

Hahahaaaa ... too funny!

So tell me, are socks easier to knit than most things? I haven't noticed [or maybe missed] anything else [besides the hat for Tay] Just wonderin' 'cuz I B curious

Susan said...

Paris, for me, it was something I really, really wanted to learn. And it took forever! Perhaps I enjoy knitting them now because I can...although mine are not fancy. You can make some incredibly complicated socks, but not me, not yet. And then they are wonderful to wear! And they are a small project. And you can work on them most anywhere. And there are gorgeous yarns but since they are small, you don't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. I'd love to knit a sweater or something but a. I'd be too old to wear it by the time I got through, and b. OMG it scares me to think of paying a lot of $$$ for something and then messing it up. Guess I could make a lot of socks that match LOL TMI?

~France said...

Not at all! Thanks ... never hurts to learn somethin' new every now and then!

Ann said... isn't all about knitting?

I need a "I'd rather be knitting sign for my new office."

Or maybe.."Bitch that Knits"

Susan said...

Haha...I like the second one best but not sure how the uni would feel about it. I need/want to do and hang the Subversive Cross stitch one that says WTF? but I know that wouldn't be a good move LOL

Anonymous said...

Lol, I think I would do the same thing.

Sprite said...

LMAO.. I think you should steal the name anyway! Socks That Rock! Too funny!! Toe socks, that's what everyone needs! *grins*

Dang it's hot.. I need ice cream. Bring your socks and come join me. (that way I'll double back when you're engrossed in your cone, and raid your sock drawer! *evil silly grin*)

Susan said...

Kirsten, we could all get in trouble together...just sayin'*G* Hi you, hope life is treating you well!