Friday, July 21, 2006


The weatherman is promising a cool front and I just can't wait. And I'm sure my electric meter will be happy that it can rest from it's constant whirring. So will my checkbook!

Had a fun evening doing laundry and eating goulash at a friend's house. I was really dreading going to the laundry in this heat. It's never really cool but.. So all the towels and sheets and such are done. Everything else I've been washing out by hand. And the goulash was excellent.

Since the cool front is also maybe gonna bring rain, I went out at 6:15 this morning to mow the 'grass'. The so called real grass is but a memory but the nut grass and weeds are thriving. And if it grew much more it would be really hard to get through.

We are being asked to wear jeans to work today. One of the City tv stations will be spending the day here and the idea is that we'll wear the special tshirts and jeans and spend lunch time downtown smiling and waving to the camera. I'll wear the jeans and tshirt happily but I think I'll pass on sweating on camera. Unless of course the cool front gets here really, really fast. There was supposed to be some big ABC premiere stuff at the park this evening but that was cancelled due to the heat. Allegedly they'll be back for that in the fall. Instead the gathering place is a local pub. Oh good, drunk residents on camera LOL

My camera went kaput the other morning. I turned it off, and the lens part went back inside and it made all the right *wind-up* sort of noise. But it really didn't turn off. The light is still on and it won't do anything. Hopefully I'll get to Staples this weekend and see what I need to do. I haven't had it long and also I bought one of those extended warranty thingys so maybe it won't be a big deal. Awhile back I got some sort of camera...looks more like a large tire with an order of books from my mystery book club. I'll have to see how it works and what it does AND get busy on a sock so I'll have something to show on Sunday.'s Friday! Yessssss


Laura said...

I'll flap my arms and move the cool to you. Right now, at 10 in the morning, we're 67 degrees!! Wow, huh?

Fingers crossed the cool front reaches you before lunch! :)

Susan said...

Wow Laura...lucky you. Not here yet but reportedly on it's way!

I'm glad to see you. I was worried that you were affected by the storm in your state. Or, LOL maybe I'm all confused about where you live.

Laura said...

LOL! You are! It was over in St. Louis, I'm in Kansas City. I totally understand. When I lived in Oklahoma, I got a lot of "Where is that from Broken Arrow?" questions.

I had to go to verification quite a while back. The comments were too weird.

Susan said...

I've now made a note...Laura lives in KC. And I'm really glad! I'd hate for you to be in the midst of that.