Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday Sky

The girl came down to visit last night and as we chatted about ghosts and mediums and orbs, I totally lost track of what was really going on. Until, that is, she decided she'd better get home before the thunderstorms arrived. Then I noticed the skies. And decided that I needed to go shoot some pics. Not that I would ever cheat and say they were really Saturday *G*. It was so hot and humid and you could smell the energy. The last one is really blurry but the color is right. I was walking down the street trying to find a *window* through trees and houses where I could see it better but the lightning was getting closer and I suddenly realized that I was wandering around the neighborhood in my jammies! Oops! So back to the house where I could listen to the cracks of lightning and the rumble of thunder and feel safe inside. And knitting on the neverending socks continued. Aha...I am finally to the part where I can do the toes! And now I have to think about what comes next. I thought up a mitten idea this morning so maybe Bitchin' Mittens is in my future! Who knows? Certainly not me.

But that's part of the fun of it, in my opinion. We won't talk about all the stuff that got started and frogged *G*


Unknown said...

Whoa! Awesome pics! One of my favorite things is thunderstorms - the lightning, the sound of the thunder... Very cool! We had them here last night as well, but in the very early hours - they woke me up and I would not go back to sleep cause I was enjoying it sound so much. I think at about 3:30am I finally lost the battle. *grin*

Laura said...

Oh gosh. Yeah, I'm signed up on the Mittens, but have yet to start them. Good thing we have until September at least.

Susan said...

Laura, I haven't actually signed up. I was a bit intimidated since I have no idea how to make a mitten, and even less of an idea of how to make it different. But I'm pondering *G*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky.

No harm in letting the neighbors see you in your jammies. Gotta give 'em a thrill once in a while.

~France said...

Heh heh ... I can see ya now!! LOL

Sorry I didn't call before you got started on the *toe* part, and hope to catch you this evening!

Hope that sky and weather didn't produce any tornados!

Laura said...

Mittens aren't tough! I have every bit of confidence in your ability to crank out a pair. Ann Budd's Book of Patterns have a pattern. It's ok, even if the fingertips are a bit pointy instead of rounded. The trickiest part is the thumb gusset, and even that's not a big deal. To me, they're easier than socks.

Sigh. Oklahoma has some of THE best sunsets. It's something Missouri lacks big time. Every time we enter OK, I have to sing Oklahoma! That, and Oklahoma History are required to graduate high school in the state. :D

Susan said...


I'm going to have to get that book! Everyone talks about it in the best terms.

I had to laugh at you singing Oklahoma! as you enter. A friend of mine moved here for awhile and I convinced her that you had to stand anytime you heard that song, as well as Boomer Sooner. Poor thing, she sometimes wondered why she was the only one who jumped up immediately. One of the local radio stations plays Oklahoma! at 5 pm every Friday. It's funny to look at the people in the car next to you and realize they are singing too!

As for history, I can't always remember why I went to the kitchen, but I can name 7 territorial governors. Steele, Seay, Renfroe, Barnes, Jenkins, Ferguson, Frantz. Now that's always useful :-)