Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Knitting with Maude

I *needed* to knit. My hands really wanted to hold those dpns, and my eyes wanted to see stitches happen. Maude was dragging her feet about leaving, so I decided to help her along with legal drugs and thought that a knitting going-away party would be appropriate. So, out came the "berry mouth" yarn that my Dye-o-Rama made for me. Out came the dpns.

And out came a new pattern that I downloaded from the Knitty issue that had Cosy in it (yes, Cookie I finally got it). I'd make a link but Knitty freezes up my home browser but it's in the same issue as Cosy back in the archives. Called Thuja, and I liked the way they looked. Did I read the pattern first. Nope.

So freshly bathed and dressed in jammies, I get all comfy and actually look at the pattern. Oh, it's for a man's sock...made with heavier yarn. That's ok, I'll just do a bit of modification. I just need a number of stitches that divides by 4...and my normal number of cast on will do that. And I can use my basic come-to-silver pattern for knowing how many stitches for the heel flap etc.

Then I got the giggles. Heh, I've made 3 pair of socks now and I think I can just go changing things at will. We shall see. But at least I can start the ribbing.

I have NEVER ever twisted my stitches when joining. I've made a lot of other goofs but not that. So, of course I did this last night. Not when joining...I waited until the 3rd round. Not once but 3 times! So maybe this wasn't such a good idea for entertainment last night. There's always tonight.

But oh, I have a new sock bag! There was a Bath and Body sale at the hospital...nope they weren't selling wash basins and the deceased. They have these, and book sales every once in awhile and their profits (some company does it and shares the proceeds) goes into a sort of petty cash fund that's used when a patient desperately needs something for which there are no funds. So I got this bag filled up with foot scrub, lotions, butter, brushes yadda yadda but I must admit the first thing I thought of was sock bag. *G*

Hopefully by Sunday, I'll have more than this to show.


~France said...

3 sticks and 2 hands!! HA! You peoples are talented, no doubt!!

That *sock* tote is perfect! {little did they know!!] heh heh

Hope Maude has gotten herself gone for good by now!! (((((Murph)))))


Laura said...

I love the sock tote! Very cool!

Stupid headache. I know what it's like. You can't trust anything you do during one of those. I read in an older knitting book that knitting back and forth the first couple of rows, then joining makes it easier. Since the book is older, oh yeah I'm taking it as gospel. ;) Saves me time, anyway.

Ann said...

The last pair of socks I attempted to cast on I twisted the darn things too..what is up with that? It was that darn two socks on one circular had me all confused.

I love the sox box---very cool.

Off with you Maude!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else, the footer is cool! (Stock up, they'd make great gifts!)
And I've done the twisted thing a few times, and knitted a lot without realizing it. Argh!

Susan said...

Actually, I use 4 needles...some use 5. The one that I knit with is one, and the stitches waiting to be knitted are on the 3 you see. Nice that you think we're clever *G*

Susan said...

If I hadn't been feeling so very clever, it wouldn't have been so bad. At least I'm not alone in the twisted stitches group LOL

Susan said...

Oh gosh Ann...the 2 socks on 2 circs just boggles my brain. One of these days I'm going to have to take a class in it..or at least magic loop.

Susan said...

Dave, I did get a couple extra for Christmas gifts and hopefully they'll have another sale before then. The next one is books and I'm hoping there will be some knitting books.