Saturday, July 15, 2006

Possums and Cookies

Once, many years ago, I was in the hospital following surgery. For some reason, there were traction bars attached to my bed...certainly not needed by me. A very good and funny friend brought me a gift of a adorable possum with babies that attached with velcro. We hung it from the traction bars and it brought a lot of smiles from nurses and visitors alike. Until one night, in the middle of the night, a nurse came in to check on me. The tv was on although I was asleep and casted a soft glow in the room. All of a sudden I awakened to really loud screaming and realized someone was yelling, "Call Security, there's a big rat in here" as she ran from the room. The other nurses had "neglected" to warn her about my possum and they were all laughing hysterically right outside the door. I thought it was pretty funny too until I realized that had it been a big rat, I would have been left by myself to fend it off LOL

Now, as for the pink spiritual being named Cookie. I've only known one person in rl named Cookie, but I grew up with another Cookie. "Visited" her every day when I read the comics. So here's Cookie, daughter of Dagwood Bumstead.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Susan, looks like a fun blog
Dram folk and all. Laters ... Q

Ann said...

We may need to knit cookie a scarf to cover up some of that cleavage she is flashing.

Hmmm...I may need to find a Cookie photo too...a trend begins.

You know..we aren't going to stop this until she shows her face.


Her angelface of course.


Anonymous said...


Security? What would they do if it had been a rat? *L*

Susan said...

Probably said it was all an illusion brought on by drugs? And then went back to chatting with the nurses?? ;-o

Susan said...

That's it! The angel face..I did say she was sort of a spiritual being. :-)

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by.

~France said...

Cookie may just take and use that picture and you'll still be befuddled! LOL

Susan said...


Befuddled is a way of life for me! *G*