Friday, July 07, 2006


Came home from dinner with my friends, tired from laughing and talking, tired from the week. As a horse-y friend used to say, I felt like I'd been "rode hard and put away wet". So a quick bath, jammies, and the fan turned on high, and I settled in for some brainless tv viewing. I don't even know what channel it was or what I was watching because soon I was asleep. Since we went out to eat right after work, I figure it was maybe 7 pm. And then I woke up at 1:45...went to the bathroom, drank a glass of milk and ate an incredibly dried out fig bar and back to sleep until 6:45. I guess even Mary slept in! Read a couple of blog posts while I ate my oatmeal and now it's time for work. But gee, I surely feel GOOD today!

Hope you do too!


~France said...

OOO ... well, there ya go! All that extra nappin' you've been gettin' had paid off! Isn't it wonderful to feel so good?! (even if it is just once in awhile!)

Ann said...

It's ok to spend extra time in Sleepy Town if you need it!