Friday, July 14, 2006

Dream Interpretors?

So, I had a dream last night. I dreamed that after answering a knock at my door I discovered Ann and Cookie standing on my wobbly porch. Now, I've seen pics of Ann...and she was dressed in her shorts and tshirt like you see on her blog. I haven't seen Cookie, so my mind turned her into a pink sort of spirit-being. I was so excited to get to see them in rl. Then I noted that Ann was carrying something in her arms. Nope, not yarn...nor was it a cat or a small dog. It lifted it's head from where it was tucked under her arm and I met her pet possum !!?!?! I guess I was so astounded by that that my dream just went away. But, it was nice to meet y'all and I'm sure it is the nicest possum ever!

ooops, thunder...outta here!


~France said...

ROFLOL ... interesting dream, no doubt!

Hope all the storms are just rain and such ... no twisters!!

Anonymous said...

A short grumpy pink spririt-being. ;^)

Ann said...

Usually only men from the Internet have dreams about me. I laughed outloud as I typed that. The next time I go to the prairie I will need to keep an eye out for a possum to steal..

You are too funny!


P.S. Just what does Cookie look like do you think?

Ann said...

There's only one way to prove she isn't a sprite..


Susan said...

Paris, nope...just thunder and lightning. And now it's just HOT.

Susan said...

Cookie, you're one of the 7 Dwarves? Oh wait, they were guys *G*

Susan said...


I'll be looking forward to meeting your possum! I think I've found a picture of least *a* Cookie. :-)


Anonymous said...

I keep wondering if the possum is really Ann's hubby.

Why, yes, I am going to hell. Thank you for asking. :p

I'm Grumpy of the Knitting Dwarves, Susan.

Pictures with Cozy later. :p

Susan said...

I do hope that wasn't who Ann was carrying!!! LOLOL

And I'm still thinking about Cozy. Geez, that's soooo pretty! I can't get to the pattern on this computer, so I'll have to try and snag it at work during lunch.