Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Sky

I'm going to have to find a more exotic view than above my yard. But today I was feeling quite domestic and the day was filled with cleaning and polishing and washing and ironing and furniture moving and lawn mowing and I was too tired to go farther. Everything smells so clean and fresh and tomorrow I don't have to do one dang thing *G*


Anonymous said...

You did all of the things I should be doing. And yet, I still sit here knitting! I will try and take your inspiration and get off my bum and clean this house!

Ann said...

I love the Saturday sky pictures...we are all such a creative bunch it's fun to see what we come up with.

I did nothing productive in the house yesterday..I am going to pay for it big time today..but that's ok. There's always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That's what I've been thinking about my pictures. I guess I'll have to put on shoes next Saturday and go somewhere. *L*

Today is cleaning for me. Mowing has been pushed back due to soccer. The socks need to watch, you know.

I hope you're having a lovely, restful day.

~France said...

Soccer for the socks ... I think you're right!! LOL

Our sky's blue with thunderheads in the distance ... we had some weird weather in California yesterday!

Glad you got all that stuff done Murph! Wish I could get motivated (and I don't knit) :o)

Susan said...

Kirsten...nah..keep knitting. You make such neat things, and the house will keep. Until it makes you crazy, and then you'll be all enthused about cleaning it up. Or, you could hire me LOL

Susan said...

I love seeing the pictures even if I am an illegal Saturday Sky person. I couldn't figure out how to sign up to a ring *G*.

Hope your Sunday wasn't completely filled with stuff you *had* to do.Surely you needed to rest up from your night out.

Susan said...

Cookie...omg shoes?!?!? I wish I had some lovely view here to show off that could be photographed while I'm still in my jammies!

Hey was that some game, or what? I tried to knit while I watched but I was too involved in what was going on.

Susan said...

Well you could blame your lack of domestic motivation on beads *G* or the need for a nap!

I'm hoping we get some rain tonite. It got all cloudy yesterday while I was mowing but they went away when I got through. I thought that was a nice gift from the universe.

~France said...

Very true! If I'm not here at the kb, I'm probly nappin' ... beadin' is taking a back seat for now!