Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blue Skies, smilin' at me...

My Saturday sky is blue. No clouds. Just blue. So I included a bit of a tree and a couple of utility lines so you'd know what it was.

The kids and I are fed. The house is somewhat tidy. I'm bathed, lotioned and dressed and I'm off on an adventure. There is one tiny errand...I need to get cat food on sale at Petsmart. And oh my, Books a Million is in the same parking lot.

Then hopefully it's off on a vehicular ramble. Be back later. Y'all play nice!


Anonymous said...

Just don't spend the litter money on books. Cats never understand that. *L*

I slept in and am having a slow start today. I think I like it.


~France said...
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~France said...

And they tend to *miss the box* if it's not properly filled!

Spaking of cats, mine is on top of the kb riht now, and I ca't typo withot typos

Nice sky Murph!! Hope your weekend is just as good!!