Saturday, July 22, 2006


I'm a happy girl today! Thanks to Laura, it's cooled off a lot! Actually was a tiny bit chilly way early this morning. Well, chilly compared to 112. So I sat in the dark on the porch swing and just felt it. 'Twas grand!

And, if that wasn't washer is washing! A friend called to say he'd stop by and take a look. He turned it on and watched the tub lazily go along in the spin cycle. Then we tipped it forward so he could look underneath it. It was determined that the belt things were ok...and that it might be the motor :-(. It was quite easy to hold it in it's 45 degree position, but much harder to let it back down and I sort of let go and it went WHAM on the floor. And now it works. I'm sooo happy! Perhaps I'll get all of that fabric that I bought at the action washed and put up before the weekend is over.

But right now I have this sock to work on so it can make it's debut tomorrow. Happy Weekend, y'all!


~France said...

Sooo glad you got some cooler weather [ya musta sent your hot stuff to us, 'cuz it's 104 right now!!] LOL

Susan said...

ohhhh Paris, I'm sorry to hear that! Hope it cools off for you soon.