Friday, July 21, 2006

Sorry about this...

but I've changed the settings on my comments. Now you will need to type in that weird series of letters before your post is accepted. I'm told this will prevent comment spam. I don't care if you want to post anonymously but please...I'm thinking that 47 posts overnight was a bit much *G* At least they weren't snarky.

I guess I've been lucky, or possibly not widely read, because lately I've heard and read some really strange comments. In one, the blogger had been talking about some place that she was going and the commenter was talking to her like she had just done the stupidest thing in her life. Sort of in the vein of "WTF do you want to go there for??? Me and my friends would never go there, it's just not cool" Actually I felt rather sorry for the commenter. I guess she wasn't taught manners.

On another blog, the blogger actually had a post about some of the vitriolic comments she had received. Basically, I think, implying that she was a horrid person with no sense. On the contrary, she seems to be an incredibly nice, creative and loving person. I just wish I was a member of her family. I guess I just don't understand some people.

That being said, I love to tease and sometimes be a bit snarky but hopefully I always put the smiley face or know that the person I'm talking to is playing also.

And I think I'm quite fortunate that the folks that visit me here have been incredibly warm, funny and always helpful. Y'all are always welcome at my house!


Ann said...

Damn...I will need to have a top secret ID to post my snarky comments in the future.



~France said...

Be careful Ann! Susan can snark back with the best of'em!! heh heh ... she's GOOD!!

Bummer how people can be rude [sometimes on purpose] Hopefully your comment section stays clean from SPAM from now on!

Susan said...

LOL Ann, I am now imagining you in a trench coat and a snap brim hat. Secret Agent Ann!