Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bye Bye Weekend :=(

I surely wish I were just moderately wealthy. Just wealthy enough to not go to work, and of course have $$ for needful things like yarn and trips and fabric LOL

A busy day today (but not as busy as Ann) Handwashed a bit of the fabric from yesterday...years of dust down the drain. Got some stuff done around here that was supposed to be done after the auction..but instead I took a nap. Watched the World Cup Softball game on ESPN. Go USA. The games are being held in the City and tickets are very reasonable but it's too hot for this fan. Thank goodness for ESPN. Sewed up a skirt and some jammie bottoms. I suppose someday I'll actually get the jammie top done before summer is over. Did some mending. Tried repeatedly to snag the Cozy pattern but Knitty makes my browser freeze up or something. At any rate I restarted a bazillion times it seemed that project will wait until lunchtime at work. Ordered some Cascade 220 superwash from Jimmy Bean wool. I've never ordered from them before but oddly enough the first couple 3 Google hits had the wool but not the black.

As I was putting the sewing machine back in it's case, I was telling my dog Zoey about all the stuff I could do tomorrow if I didn't have to go to work. But with my luck, if I really didn't have to go to work, it would be because I'd lost my job and was dining on cat food. So, I'll quit whining and go cast on a ball band warsh cloth to maybe go with the new bright kitchen towels I found on sale. One thing about my grocery'd think I eat a lot more than oatmeal until you read the item descriptions.

Nite y'all!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about being too busy to go back to work. Maybe we should start the Interntaional Day off to Knit Day? Everyone into the fiber arts takes a day off, together, and do our stuff? I think Zoey would agree it was the right thing to do.

Ann said...

It looks to me like you had a heck of a busy day!

Count me in for the day off to knit day. I barely had any time to knit this weekend. :o(

That's not a trend that I plan to continue.


Susan said...

Dave, what a fantastic idea. Zo says it's the best idea ever (she really likes it when I'm home)

Anonymous said...

I love that idea.

Susan, did you ever get Cozy? Cause I can e-mail it to you if you haven't. Not that it's much of a pattern. *L*