Thursday, July 06, 2006

Made It!

Whew, got through that without too much panic. I told myself stories and clung to the blanket they put over me and then it was over. And I'm sure all your good thoughts helped too. Thanks a lot!

Weirdest thing tho. I was to call and pre-register to save time when I got there. I did that...answered a bazillion questions. Was told to bring my living will. (oh that makes you feel safe LOL) and some $$$ as they would want payment on the spot or would *work with me*. So I rushed to the bank to get some out of savings. Certainly not what they wanted but I thot it might stall them.

When we got there, I told them I had preregisterd and they directed me to *Fast Track* admissions. Hello??? She had NO info, nothing showed I had preregistered so we would have to do it all again. She double checked my address and the info the doc's office had given them. Had me sign the HIPPA thing, and off I went. Took about 5 minutes, including signatures and no mention of $$, my religion or my Living Will. ahahhaha.

Good news! I tried the partially done hat on The Girl and it fits! I guess her head is bigger than it looks! The 2x2 ribbing doesn't work tho. Her features are small and it was somewhat overwhelming in this heavier yarn. And after being told she could have any color she wanted, she chose black. So I have to go get some more of this Cascade 220 superwash. Actually, I'm kinda tired of going places so maybe I'll jsut get it online.

Got home to find a new Knitpicks catalog in the mail! Dang I wish they would make superwash :-) But they surely have some nice stuff and I am dying to try their new needles. I want to make a bathmat with heavy cotton and will need a size I don't have. Hmmm.

Supposed to go out with work friends tonight for supper. In a way I hope they cancel, but I betcha once I get there I'll have a blast.

I can't get my yahoo mail to work right this morning so if you didn't get a response to a comment, that's why. I think I answered everyone in teh comment box

In the meantime, I need to get some clothes on and go play like I know what I'm doing!!


~France said...

I'm hoping you take pictures of the hat, 'cuz I don't think I want to search for Brad Pitt!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Living Will?


Good thing they didn't know anything about it when you got there.

How about a dark grey and tell her it's black? *L*

Laura said...

Ok, I have to say this about all of Knitpicks' cotton yarns. Me, personally, I couldn't make anything hard wearing out of it. Not because it's fragile, but because it's so yummy and sweetly soft. It's a yarn to wear close to the skin.

But then, people put soft furry rugs on their floor, so I'm sure your feet deserve the comfort. ;)

A living will??? For an MRI? Jeeze! Rather like taking morphine for a stubbed toe.

Ann said...

I guess they are just trying to cover their bases or our bases with the living will? It freaked me out a bit when they handed that form to me when I had my outpatient surgery.

I am glad to hear that things went well for you.