Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Sky and that Weird Lady

It's still hot but the clouds at least give me a break occasionally. So, I'm walking down the sidewalk slowly and looking at the sky through my camera. I hear a noise and realize it's the little boys I'd seen on a scooter earlier. The sound stops. And then I hear a small voice..
"Wait! It's that weird lady." boy #1 says
"She's taking pictures of the sky?!?!?" boy #2 questions.
"Once I saw her taking a picture of her foot on the driveway?"
"Her foot??"
"Yep..she had on one sock and she was taking a picture of it"
"Let's go back the other way"
And then the sound of the scooter returned, only to fade away as they went back down the block.


Anonymous said...


If they think you're weird, they will leave you alone and you can get more knitting done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is funny. I can just picture those two boys! Just found your blog from the Harlot's post from a few days ago. Oklahoma sounds like a great and friendly place. Hi from Connecticut, a very hot and humid place right now.
(Oh, and on that pretty shawl you are considering, beware that they call for holding multiple strands together, it can be too easy to lose one for a few stitches, and then notice it much later. It adds another layer of complication to the whole thing. I'd pick a yarn thick enough from the start.)

~France said...

That is tooo, toooo funny Murph!!

Ann said...

OMG that post made me laugh outloud.

Luckily no one saw me out taking the photo trying to get the rain gauge just right in the picture.

Or taking my mittens outside in the sweltering heat to get a photo with natural light. The things we do...

More fun than sense!


Susan said...

Cookie...LOL this is true! Always a silver lining?

Susan said...

It was too funny. I'm sure they didn't know I could hear them. Now I guess I'll look both ways before I go out to do photo things. them something to think about *G*

Susan said...

Hey, maybe it isn't what I thought I would be when I grew up...but Weird Lady does feel sorta good LOL

Susan said...

Lydia, are the first person I've "known" from Connecticut. I do hope you come back.

It's icky hot and humid here too. I don't think anyone is escaping this summer. But fall is coming...please hurry!

Oh, me drop a stitch? Surely you jest j/k. Hmmm now you've given me something to think about. So what weight yarn would equal the 3 without looking clunky?? Help LOL