Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Sock...not quite yet

Alas, Sunday sock will have to be later, unless you're interested in looking at a half inch. I was already for the heel flap when I discovered that somewhere I'd dumped a stitch. I studied that ribbing forever but couldn't see where it happened...or figure out how to add one without making the ribbing look weird so...frogland.

I think I probably did it when I switched to metal needles. I got two different brands...Susan Bates and Boye. They are a lot faster with this yarn. It tended to be a bit clingy on the bamboo. And I was so excited because I can remember when there was no way I could keep stitches on metal. Err...obviously that might still be a problem LOL

So Sunday morning news shows will be the backdrop for more k2 p2. Off I go. Well maybe a bath first *G*


Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens to me. At least, you're working on the new one.

Susan said...

I guess it keeps me from being too smug. Ribbing is underway again...guess I'd better take it out to the shrubbery so it can make it's debut.