Wednesday, July 26, 2006

She's Grrrrreat!

Oh what a great evening! Steph is even more fun in person, and not at all like hearing a "speaker". More like getting together with a friend and telling stories and jokes and acting silly.

Now, not that I have any experience hearing idolized knitters speak LOL, but I was so happy that her online persona was the same in rl.

During the question time, I asked her a question about steeking. (note: I would have to be drunk to attempt it, I think) and as she started answering my question, she said something like "Wait, wait.." and hustles off to the corner of the room; rummages a bit and returns with her olympic sweater so she could actually show what it was about. OMG that sweater is to die for and I have NO idea how anyone..even the Harlot...could knit it in 16 days. A gorgeous, intricate Norwegian piece of beauty.

As her talk ended, she said something about how we should sing Oklahoma to her and the whole room stood up and sang while she laughed delightedly and scurried around taking pictures.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to hear and meet her...even tho my coworkers just looked at me strangely when I asked for that day off, so that I could go hear this woman who wrote books about knitting...not really patterns per se, just about knitting. LOL

When we were in line to get books signed, a girl a couple of people in front of her gave her name and then said "But for some reason you call me Cupcake". Steph looked up and squealed as this girl was someone she had eMailed. Then the girl gave her a gift. A big, big thing (I don't know what it would be called) of Lorna's Laces roving. Absolutely the most gorgeous colors. The Harlot was so excited as apparently you can't get it in Canada. Dang, I should have taken her some Kool Aid yarn.

I have all her books, but I took the latest one to get signed. It's the Knitting Rules one, and it has a lot of sorta techy stuff in it. It's also rather bedraggled, as I have had a tendency to put it on the trunk that serves as my coffee table and then put my foot on it to keep it open to what I'm trying to figure out as I knit. I apologized that it wasn't pristine, but she said she loved knowing that the books were actually being read and marked and dog eared.

I have more to say about the day, but I need to answer comments and get ready for work. I'm tired...and I just want to curl up and knit, but I guess having money to pay for yarn would be a good idea too *G*


~France said...

Here I am [the non-knitter] commenting 1st ... WOW, what an extraordinary adventure you had and soooo glad she turned out to be so personable and delightful!!

Ann said...

Only knitters can appreciate the knitting groupy thing. Toss in that we are knitting bloggers and people's eyes begin to glaze over. My best friend read my blog the other night about knitting at the rock concert and asked if I was in some sort of knitting cult...I think she is pondering some sort of intervention.

It makes perfect sense to me to take a day off of work to see the harlot!

...but I'm weird like that you know?


Anonymous said...

Ann's weird? Really? o.0

I'm so glad you had a good time and thank you for the piccie. I had visions of life-threateningly big hair, but that's not the case at all.

Can't you get the pets to work for you for a while? They do owe you. ;^)

Laura said...

Stephanie's lovely, inside and out! She's right, though. The best thing an author can hear is you've worn out their book.

I'm seriously envying the Lorna's Laces roving. I so want some, just to look at and love on.

Speaking of furry things you want to squeeze like Charmin, how is Sadie doing? Much much better, I hope.

kaoticorchid said...

Hi-Cupcake here. The item I brought for the yarn harlot was 10 oz of Lorna's Laces wool top in their Black Purl colorway, in case you were wondering. I was impressed with the sweater that Stephanie pulled out as well! Amazing that someone could create something so beautiful so fast! Glad you had fun yesterday, I think everyone did!

Susan said...

Paris, me too! Ya know sometimes you wonder if people will translate to real life..and she certainly did!

Susan said...

the Harlot even talked about that. You take pictures of your knitting on a shrub...and then you post it on the internet???? hahahahaha I love it!

Susan said...

Cookie...I didn't know Ann was weird, did you? /snort!

And did you like my ride? Could haul a lot of yarn in that truck :-)

I think I'm an indentured servant to the pets!

Susan said...

That stuff was absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to pick it up and bury my face in it, but I was polite.

I got a Sadie update today. She's feeling better and hasn't thrown up any more but is still sleeping a lot. When she is awake though, she's quite curious and *must* go exploring. Yay! She has to have 5 small feedings a day but is now back on puppy food. First she had to eat a can (one tablespoon at a time)of AD food. I had it for a sick doggie once..the AD stands for anorexic diet and is jam packed with protein, calories whatever so even if you eat a little bit, you've gotten a lot of nutrition. Thanks for asking!

Susan said...

Yayyyy it's Cupcake!! LOL I really have no idea what you said your real name was! Oh girl, that top was magnificent. Now I've got to go Google and get realllly good at spinning *G*

Hey, glad the pic turned out're both smiling sooo big! I see a couple of really happy folks.

Oh and your Freya looks a lot like my Mary, the old cat who would be queen!

KatyaR said...

I'm so glad you asked that question about steeking so we could see that sweater--I couldn't knit that in 16 years, let alone 16 days. Awesome, but I'll stick to the smaller stuff.

It was a great night, wasn't it? One for the record books.

Susan said...

katyar...I think if I got up enough nerve to try it, it would have to be small enough to fit a teddy bear. No way could I cut something that would fit me...unless Screech was available in Oklahoma LOL