Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's just wrong!

LOL that's one of my favorite kid phrases and it's certainly fitting.

For some obsure reason, blogger has forgotten who I am so when I tried to post a comment, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to type in the box. What's my name? Hell, it's way too early in the morning to figure out that one. Obviously, I finally came up with it and will go back to comment later.

GMail still won't let me make a new addy. I did write to them, but if it's like eMail to Yahoo, if I do get a response it won't say much :-0

Now, the worst thing is that The Girl's new puppy Sadie, is quite ill. I thought she seemed a bit subdued at the birthday party but figured it was due to sensory overload with a lot of loud talking, kids running etc. She was also throwing up a bit, but maybe due to food changes. I've heard they were being fed *cheap stuff* and maybe the transition to Iams was a bit much. She was supposed to be going in for her first routine visit today but it turned into much more. She was dehydrated and the vet questioned her true age. And said she'd been taken from her mom much too early. I really don't know that much about raising dogs as a business, but I've had dogs with pups and I just let the mom wean them. I figured she knew more about it than I did LOL. And she has some parasite thingy that according to the online info you get from your mom's feces before you've built up immunities. Thankfully the vet said she should be fine. Got subQ fluids and antibiotics and all that. I'm so glad. First, just because I love animals. And, of course, second because TG was sooo worried. She's such the little mother. She did well at the vet's and the vet talked TO her instead of around her so that helped. ::::crossing fingers:::: I'm afraid I would have done some serious yelling at the lady that sold her.

And lastly, I'm in Sock Hell. Knitted a bit last night and then looked at the cuff. WTF did I do. The most gnarly looking thing. I tinked way back and decided to go have a cup of milk to settle down and restart. So I'm almost ready to begin again. The phone rings...I answer...Mary, the matriarch cat decides she wants my milk. Knocks over the little plastic cup. A bit of it went on my foot, the rest of it on the yarn! And it was a recorded political message on the phone. Sorry dude, you won't get my vote! Wrapped milky wet yarn on niddy noddy, tied off and washed. Thankfully, I divided the skein so I have the other half to start over with...and now I don't want to LOL. Well, last night I sure didn't. Maybe it will be better today. I thought maybe a change of yarn would help excite me. My stash is nothing to write home about. I have a skein of Easter egg looking kool aid yarn. Pretty but I don't want pastel. I have the lovely Regia silky stuff in beiges and brown and white. Lovely but what I really wanted was bright, loud, in your face and for reasons I'll go into in a bit, I'm kinda chicken to have it on the needles. And the only thing like that is the poor Jazz yarn that rubs off on my hands badly. I'm hoping that after morning chores are done and I've had a bath etc, I'll be ready to settle down once again with Berry Mouth.

For, you see, I don't have to go to work today! Woohoo and that is NOT just wrong. It's one of those use it or lose it days but I have big plans. Hopefully I can get Zoey in for a nail trimming but the real highlight is that the Yarn Harlot is going to be in the City this evening and I am soooo there. At least I hope so! And it would be so appropriate to have a sock meet her. It's been my experience when going to the somewhat LYS, that any knitting in your bag is questioned. You know...what's it going to be? what's the pattern? what's the yarn? Now I've usually had handdyed stuff from my own kitchen which I guess is ok, but I've heard comments about folks bringing in stuff made with yarn from somewhere else. Obviously they are there to sell yarn, and they want projects to be from it. And lovely Regia is from SWAK. Which is probably a major competitor and LYS doesn't carry it so I couldn't even fake it. Oh well.

Now to go see if I can comment on my own blog LOL


Anonymous said...

You have the day off and you were up how early? o.0

I'm sure everyone will understand about restarting a sock. We have all been there. Don't worry about the yarn, sweetie. Yarn store people know that we get our yarn from all over. No store carries every thing, after all. Which is a good thing when you think about it. ;^)

Have a good time tonight!

~France said...

OOO ... I hope you have a ball tonight! [and not just of yarn! heh heh]

Glad the pup is gonna be OK!

I will send you another gMail invite to make it easier for ya!

Anonymous said...

My g-mail is back up tonight. I hope yours gets straightened out soon.

Ann said...

Sounds like you have had a few challenges my friend....I am taking a day off tomorrow to go shopping with my daughters and to just relax..there may be some knitting in there...

I can't wait to hear about your adventure with the harlot. I hang out with harlots they just don't happen to knit.



Susan said...

Cookie, my old cat doesn't know the difference from work days and days off...so I'm usually up quite early. The sock thing did work itself out but more about that this evening. I was a bit flustered, eh?

Susan said...

k1p2p,dang, you got to read me at my most "stream of consciousness babbling" self. Actually that sentence made no sense to me either, but did I proofread? nope. LOL

I was afraid to show up at the local yarn store with yarn on the needles that obviously didn't come from their shop.

In-your-face colors don't bother me in the least *G*. I'll have to answer your eMail this evening as alas, I have to get ready for work now.

Susan said...

Paris, thanks for the invitation. I'll save it for another time, k? I'm sure I'll be needing one as I love doing swaps. I had an invitation but when I tried to go use it, all I got were messages that gMail was down. That seems to be resolved now. Thanks for thinkin' of me *G*

Susan said...

Ann, ohhh sounds like a wonderful day, especially since you get to spend it with those fun girls you created!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your day!