Thursday, July 13, 2006


Dreamsicle socks are Done! I won't win any awards for the Kitchener...maybe I should have turned off Texas Swat. But they're done and I've worn them all evening. I now have 3 pair of me-made socks! I spent some time just looking at them all lined up in the drawer. And I've been surprised to realize that the heaviest pair...which I assumed would be winter house socks are actually quite comfortable in the summer. Odd that.

It's HOT here. Coming home tonight the thermometer in my car read 103! And just sucky humid. I woke up this morning at 5 and the weather man was telling that big Tstorms were slowly moving into my area. I could hear thunder but it was still far off so I hopped in the tub then dried my hair, ate breakfast and did the dishes...and then it was only 6 LOL. The thunder was getting a bit louder so I messed around here for awhile and then realized that while it might be pouring just north of me, here it was doing nada. So I went to the store and bought groceries, came home and put them away and had a snack. Changed into work clothes and then it was 7:30 so finally booted up the computer and did a bit of blog reading and eMail. Gosh by the time I got to work I was ready for a nap!

It's been crazy busy at work this week but a treat today. A rep brought lunch...brisket and chicken and trimmings from this great barbeque place. Yum...and then this afternoon one of the local nursing homes brought us (slightly melty) ice cream bars. So although my brain was worn out, my tummy surely was happy!

Not sure what's next as far as knitting. I have some sewing I need to work on so maybe I'll take a bit of a break. It will be odd tho.

For now, I'll go to bed and maybe dream up a project. Nite.


Anonymous said...

Those socks are SO cute. (And don't you love having enough pairs now to line them up and play with them and compare them and try them all on??)
Cute chipmunk photo, too;)

~France said...

They look delicious! :o)

LOL ... kudos to ya (((friend)))

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love how they turned out.

That's why I always think getting up really early is a mixed blessing. *L*


Laura said...

I love those socks! Yummy! I'm going to have to see what yarn you used, because I'm such a sheep. :D

It IS nice seeing your own socks in the sock drawer, huh? Mine and Small Fry's socks are in our drawer and it's fun seeing them.

Ann said...

I find that I am still wearing my socks this summer...probably because it is business casual so I am not wearing heels. People are starting to notice them.


Susan said...

I'm always amazed that the socks aren't worn out by the time I finish them. I think, once I get past the heel, I try them on every 2 rounds LOL . And I owe a lot of my sock obsession to you. You gave me a lot of help when I was first struggling. So thanks, ...I think :-)

Susan said...

Thanks Paris. Maybe I was inspired along the way by the box of orange sherbet pushups that are in the freezer at work for afternoon treats.:-)

Susan said...

Cookie me too! Especially since I had no idea how the colors would actually knit up. So I can be double proud.

Susan said...

Laura, the yarn is some Knitpicks dye it yourself sock yarn that was dyed with leftover kool aid from another project. The first skein was inspired by Indian Blanket and what was left, I just watered down. I think I like this skein best. Since they were short tops, I have quite a bit left over but have no idea what I'll do with it.

Susan said...

Ann, I need to get some shoes that I can wear to work and show off these babies :-)

~France said...

heh ... you know your work friends will want you to knit some for them to show off too!! HA! Get ready!! :o)